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    Sewing Southpaw...

    Is the place where I share my creativity, my hobbies, and other stuff!

    06 September 2008

    Holy Moly!

    Has it really been so long since I last posted? I can hardly believe it. I have missed being in the 'thick of things' but I just really haven't had the time or attention to sit down until now. And boy, oh boy do I have oodles and gobs of stuff to share.

    I've also got lots and lots of photos to help try and hold your attention. LOL. As for the photos, I'm running low on space with Blogger so I'm linking to my Flickr photos. What a pain in the ass that is. Maybe it will get easier. But the point I'm trying to make is...........If you can't see the photos, please let me know.

    Here's what's in store for those of you who have the time (and attention span) to hang in there with me for this post: Updates on my projects, RR's, block shares, give aways won, gifts received, my new studio, my new house, upcoming swaps and retreats (but not necessarily in that order). Hold on to your we go!!!!!!

    Let's start with projects finishing up, shall we? There are two of those. The first being the CQI FFT RR. I received my block back yesterday and the other participants are chiming in on the group to say that they are also receiving theirs.

    This is my completed block and I just love it. I just can't thank Diane, Karen, Peggy, Cindy, and Debbie enough for their lovely additions. It was so much fun and so easy to work with all of them during this RR. I look forward to the next project with them.

    This is the my work on Diane's block and how her block looked when I mailed it home to her. She really put together a beautiful block to work on, even though there wasn't much room left on it by the time it reached me. LOL. I'm very fond of Asian style/themed blocks and everyone really did a super job with their additions. Look closely at the butterflies, bamboo stalks, the geisha, etc. Maybe you'll pick up a few pointers and ideas (like I did).

    The second project to wrap up was the STS-Summer block share from CQN. In case you haven't been following these posts, this has been a year long commitment to complete 4 blocks, one for each season. I have to give a BIG THANKS to everyone for being so patient in getting their blocks back for Summer. Moving from Texas to Colorado proved to be more of an adventure than I had planned for. So.........Thank you!!!!

    What does a final mail out looked like for a swap with 30 blocks? Here ya go~

    I have just recently mailed Mary's block back to her, I'm waiting to mail Cynthia's to her after vacation, and the final block to finish up is coming from Sharon, who has recently been just devastated by the death of her mother. Our prayers go out to you and your family, Sharon.

    Here is my partner, Debbie's block after my work. You can see her 1/2 worked block here.

    STS.Summer.Partner Block

    I can only hope that she likes what I added to her block as much as I like what she added to mine. Isn't it just too cool? It's so wonderfully embellished. And it fits just perfectly with my other seasons. What a great addition to my set!

    (My original 1/2 worked block)

    I would also like to tell Wendy THANK YOU for sending me this pin cushion pot. Too cute, huh? I use it all the time. It's perfect for holding longer needles and partial strung bead projects. I also recently won a give away on her blog for this Daisy Kingdom transfers book. It is awesome. And who doesn't just love Daisy Kingdom? Thanks again, Wendy!!!!


    I also, through the moving 'adventure' (becoming an 9 letter word. LOL), managed to work a little on my large block. You know, the one I started back at the end of May until early June. Anyway, here is my handy work so far.

    The Dragon Tales block has been totally put on hold. Too bad, too because it's almost finished. Oh well........

    Now, on to NEW stuff. This is my new studio. I just love it. I don't have nearly the square footage or closet space that I had before but I don't really miss it. At least not yet. For now I have concentrated on making my CQ necessities handy, along with my books, CD player (the important stuff), computer and desk, both printers, etc. The bulk of my fabric and other GOODIES are in the basement. When we get to the basement (it's totally unfinished) I'll have a designated WORK ROOM for my quilting frames, fabric storage, etc. Pretty neat how I ended up with 2 areas, huh????? Hubby is still scratching his head. LOL. The bonus part is that we are wireless here. All I need to do is get a laptop and I am completely mobile!!!!

    The kitchen pretty cozy but has great potential. The views are wonderful and having the deck has been so nice in the morning with coffee and newspaper, and at night with wine and conversation. I'm sure at some point in time we will be doing a over haul in here but for now the only real problem is that Fritz is really freaked about the wood floors. They're slick and give off a lot of shadows. Poor baby - he's used to tile.

    I make note of this photo because I am especially pleased with this room. I don't know if I mentioned it before or not BUT there is A LOT of purple and green in this house. Normally, I'm okay with both of them, even together BUT the paint job in this room was too much. It's a textured paint treatment in guess what???? Purple and green that left the walls looking like a HUGE BRUISE! I swear, I couldn't come in here and turn on the lights. Anyway, I haven't painted it yet but I did make some decor changes that really toned down the walls. Now it's one of my favorite rooms. It's pretty and it doesn't make me gag anymore! LOL.

    We opted for a TV in the bedroom for the first time. It's not so much that we actually watch it, it's the fact that it's there. Can you tell that I wanted it and DH didn't? LOL. And another wonderful view out the window. Anyone know where I can buy 2 settees? I need one in this window and in the living room. Well, that's the tour for now. Paint, window treatments, yada, yada, yada will all come in time.

    Good grief, we're nearing the end of it - FINALLY! LOL.

    Upcoming events would include the (1st annual) Colorado Retreat for Crazy Quilter's beginning on the 10th (until the 14th). That's right, just a few days away. The ladies joining in will be coming from different Yahoo Groups, both from the around the USA and maybe even as far as the UK. We will be converging on our hostesses, Jill and Leslie, both from CQI, in the northern Colorado area (from around Fort Collins to Denver). They have put together a schedule of activities that is sure to please. Truly something for everyone. And I'm sure that I will come home each night totally exhausted from fun and games. Did I mention that they are also feeding us? What a bargain, huh? I still have a couple of blocks to piece, an auction gifty to finish up, a travel bag to pull together. Oh my, so much to do, so little time!

    Another upcoming event is the 3rd annual Victorian Boot Christmas Stocking (VBCS) swap hosted (again) by Mary over at CQN. This is maybe my favorite swap. I've participated in the last 2 swaps and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are the Crazy Quilted Christmas Stockings that I've made for swap, and the ones that I've received.

    Mine, year 2006 and 2007:

    And the stockings that I received (from JK, co-list mom at CQN) in 2006 and from (Mary) in 2007:

    Aren't they just precious? Not only do you get this labor of love in a keepsake, it comes filled, and I mean stuffed with goodies. Are you jealous yet? LOL. And don't think that Christmas is all that far away - you know how it sneaks up on you every year.

    Well, I guess that's it. I don't see any unposted photos or blocks, notes or tidbits of things. Thanks for your time today. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Until Next time...Happy Needling!!!

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    Blogger NormaH said...

    Thank you for a delightful tour Gerry. Everything, including the Christmas stockings, is absolutely gorgeous! Have fun with the changes you'll be making.

    September 6, 2008 at 3:06 PM  
    Blogger Judy S. said...

    Nice to have you back online, Gerry. It looks like you've been really busy! And still had some time to stitch!

    September 6, 2008 at 7:17 PM  
    Blogger TattingChic said...

    Wow! WHat a lot of fabulous photos! That RR looks like a LOT of work, but it is all so beautiful. I can't get over all those mail-outs! Your studio looks like such a wonderful place to create! Your home is very lovely!

    September 6, 2008 at 7:50 PM  
    Blogger Marianne said...

    Gerry, Your new home is lovely! God Bless You both and enjoy it. Wow a CQ retreat, have a blast! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!

    September 6, 2008 at 8:01 PM  
    Anonymous katrien said...

    What a nice blognews,your new home ,the stockings and all the other nice works.Thanks for sharing with us,and thanks a lot for hosting the STS swap.

    September 6, 2008 at 11:34 PM  
    Blogger Ati. Norway. said...

    Gerry I am so happy for you that you are happy with your new home. It looks great !! Thank you for letting us see so much inside your home. I wish you a very nice time next week with all the other CQ ladies. ( who isn't a bit jealous here ;-)

    September 7, 2008 at 12:56 AM  
    Blogger Charlene said...

    Well, Hello There! I've been waiting and watching for you! It's great to see that you're mostly settled in, and with LOTS done already! Love your new home - so spacious and bright. And your craft room is fantastic - with another to come! How DID you manage that? Of course your stitching is spectacular, as always! I've been so out of touch this is the first I've heard about the CQ Event or I'd have been drooling to get there... Maybe next time. Great to see you back.

    September 7, 2008 at 10:09 AM  
    Blogger Gerry said...

    Thank you all so much for stopping by to visit. I hoping soon to have the time to visit you too.

    September 17, 2008 at 7:42 AM  
    Blogger Cat said...

    Hi Gerry! What a wonderful post and it's nice to see you back.

    All the crazy quilting is just gorgeous!

    And your home... WOW, love those roomy rooms and windows! You did good, it looks terrific!!!

    Tell Fritz to take it easy sliding around the corners on those wood floors! I hope he adapts sooon!

    XOX, Cat

    September 21, 2008 at 8:19 AM  

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