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    Sewing Southpaw...

    Is the place where I share my creativity, my hobbies, and other stuff!

    07 February 2008

    What Others Are Doing

    I thought I would take some time today to post some of the links that I have 'book marked' to my Blogroll. These are projects, tips, etc., from other blogs that I read regularly. I bookmark them hoping to go back at some point and try them out or use them for reference. Sadly, my bookmarks have gotten out of control and I fear I might never in my lifetime be able to get to them.


    Anyway, maybe some of you will enjoy seeing them as much as I have, and might even find time in your schedule to try them out.

    May has made the most darling Etui. She claims that it's a fast and easy project.

    Allie always has something fun and interesting going on. For those of you who haven't seen it, she has a wonderful tutorial on finishing a crazy quilt. Adding a border, sashing, and assembly.

    Annie shares with us a tutorial on a cute little thumb pincushion. She also shares a tutorial for constructing a heart.

    Judi always has an answer and/or suggestion for crafters. I find this site very helpful.

    Ati has added photos of a couple of hussifs, here and here. Ati also has the most amazing collection of ATC's. The best place to see them all is at her flickr site.

    Annie's Blog U site is a great resource for finding widget, cheats, etc., to spruce up and/or alter the look of your blog. She does a wonderful job of explaining the process and showing you examples.

    Catherine has shared with us some lovely little travel cases, which she made and gave for Christmas presents.

    Julia has dome a series of posts on making some beautiful book covers and also a fun and elegant lamp shade tutorial.

    Linda offers a "Faces" tutorial. She used her faces when making dolls for the Comfort Doll Project organized by Pat.

    And speaking of Pat, she has recently created and published her own book which she has named My Crazy Quilting Journey.

    Susan at Crazy Quilting For Fun and Desertsky Quilting has opened an Etsy shop. I placed my first order the other day.

    I might have mentioned this post before but even so, it's worth a second mention. Debra has a wonderful tutorial on piecing blocks. It's a very helpful, step-by-step process for both beginners and experienced quilters.

    Kate provides a wide variety of information on her blog. I like to pop in and see the eye candy she offers. Her stitches are so fun and creative. And you just never know what she'll be working on next.

    Monica has posted some plushies that are just adorable. They remind me of Gremlins. You know, the movie (my goodness, now I date myself. LOL) Anyway, they are too cute! She's also organizing the Pink Artist art squares project to benefit Breast Cancer research.

    Jody has links to a tutorial for making napkins. She also posts about life in the country, recipes, etc. Plan on spending some time there, it will be well worth your time.

    It's difficult to imagine that anyone wouldn't know who Sharon B is, but it could happen. LOL. Sharon B's blog is a "must read" for anyone wanting to stay informed. I don't know how she manages to gather so much information, helpful hints, tips, etc. She truly is an asset to the 'Internet Community'. This one you will have to see for yourselves. There are just too many interesting areas to begin to list here.

    Jean is an amazingly talented artist. I always look forward to seeing a post from her. This post for gift boxes caught my attention some time back. But to truly appreciate her work and the extent of her talents, you must visit her site.

    I have a number of posts and photos from Judith relating to SRE (Silk Ribbon Embroidery). Elegant and beautiful doesn't begin to describe it. It definitely has 'drool factor'! And of course, her crazy quilting projects are a must see.

    In her January 3, 2008 post, Karen shares some of her UFO's that she intends to finish this year. These projects are exactly what we hope to see when we are directed to eye candy!

    DD doesn't post as often as I would like to read her, but she does simply lovely work. These are the quality of stitches that I hope for in my own work.

    Mary posted about these adorable eye glass pins. I'm seriously considering one (or more) of these. My glasses are almost always missing. Actually being able to have them handy....what a concept. LOL.

    Courtney has got to be one of the most motivated people I know. She makes jewelry (which is gorgeous), crazy quilts, sews, quilts, contributes time to family, charities, and friends. I don't know how she does it all but she does it WELL!

    Anita's blog is also a favorite of mine. It just has a very soothing, calming look and feel to it. Everything she makes is so pretty, and elegant. She shares some little bags here and little birds here.

    Jo's blog is another favorite of mine. She was a great inspiration when I first started crazy quilting. I wanted so much to be able to stitch like her 'when I grew up'. LOL. Here is a collection of postcards that she's made. And if you love to work with black, her work on these black blocks is not to be missed!

    Sadly, I don't get to play with dolls as much as I would like to. However, I do try to keep up on what's going on. Stephanie does some absolutely beautiful work. Here she shares some dolls from a recent class she took. She also crazy quilts and shares some wonderful examples with her readers.

    Pam is always up to something. I swear the woman can't possibly ever sleep. LOL. And now she has just released an e-book. Her work is stunning to view, but more than that, she is very generous with free patterns, tips, and donating to charities of all sorts.

    If you're looking for a blog to read that has a bit of just everything fun and unique, Pat has it. Check out what can be done with balloons, cupcakes, and pies. And my goodness, this woman gets around. It seems she's always on vacation somewhere.

    Barbara has posted a tutorial for a darling little bag sewing bag. She also has varied interest and does beautiful work.

    Frederique's geisha project is still my favorite. She made these panels while on her sailboat. It's amazing what she is able to do with so little space to work in. She provides space on her sidebar for numerous tutorials, forums, and other topics of interest. I also subscribe to her newsletter.

    I have come to regard Sue as the journal queen. Her work is not only functional and practical, it is gorgeous. Although, journals are by no means her only talent. Judging from the categories on her sidebar, I'm not sure there is anything she doesn't do!

    Marty shares a tutorial for her luna moth. She's making a Midsummer's Night quilt where she will feature the finished product. When you visit her, be sure to notice her lovely backgroud/wallpaper for her blog. It speaks to her talent in embroidery.

    Terry shares with us a post on her Princess and the Pea project. This piece is just too cute. I love it! You'll also find some lovely journal covers that she has made as well as her current projects.

    If you have a Blogroll and aren't subsribed to Whipup you are missing out. This site is the most fun and eclectic internet spot that I'm aware of. You'll most certainly find something that fascinates you there.

    And wrapping up today's stoll is Wilma's blog. She has posted 3 little embroidered landscape pieces that are truly a delight. The detail in these French landscapes is amazing. Then when you notice the straight pin next to them, and truly grasp the size, you will be floored! Wonderful work, Wilma!!!!

    Well, that's it for now. I'm off to check my Blogroll for anything else fun and interesting.

    So, Until Next time...Happy Needling!!!

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    Blogger Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

    What a super cool post!

    There are several that I am going to visit!

    February 7, 2008 at 12:06 PM  
    Blogger girl_gone_thread_wild said...

    Oh I love this list Gerry! Helps keep me organized, thanks for sharing it!

    Ha! What did you think of that turquoise? I'm sure it will stun some people to see it and not pink, but surprisingly I discovered that turq brings together red, blue, green, gold, and pink nicely! who knew! Lots to do still, but please give yourself a pat on the back and a huge hug from meeeeee for joining in. I'm in awe of the talent displayed here. More to come, Monica :)

    February 9, 2008 at 8:30 AM  
    Blogger Sue B said...

    Thank you so much for the very kind words!

    February 10, 2008 at 2:41 AM  
    Blogger Anita said...

    Dear Gerry!

    I have been guided to this post via my sitemeter! You put a big big smile on my face, am feel so honoured that my blog is one of your favourites and that you like my little creations!

    Hope you are doing fine! Over here in Germany, it's a very cold Saturday morning. There's not a single cloud on a blue sky and I hope it will be getting warmer over the day.

    Best wishes from Germany,

    February 16, 2008 at 12:50 AM  

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